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Mirador are proud to be publishing Tails Of The Alpujarras.


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This remarkable anthology feature contributions by best selling authors Chris Stewart (Driving Over Lemons), Victoria Twead (The Two Old Fools series), David Luddington (Forever England) and many other well known writers, artists, broadcasters and bloggers.

Tails of the Alpujarras is being sold to raise funds for the Valle Verde Animal Rescue Centre in Southern Spain. They are desperately short of funds and Mirador are donating all profits to this venture. Please buy the book and help these abondoned and sick animals and support the authors who gave freely of their time and work

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We are a Partnership Publisher dedicated to the support of the independent author.

Our Mission Statement is to serve the needs of the author who requires a greater control over their book than that allowed by the traditional sector, yet lacks the funds or technical know-how to undertake a full Self Publishing route.

We are a Publishing Company who fully understands that the way we buy books has changed forever and whilst much of the publishing industry remains wedded to a nineteenth century model we set ourselves at the cutting edge of this new era.

By studying the way the music industry responded to the changes it confronted many years ago we have adapted those principles to form the basis for our highly successful model.

Our Goal is very simple; “We want you to become a successful author.”

We are not a Self Publisher and as such, we have no interest in just publishing your book and then filling your garage with them.

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