Should I Self Publish

Can I Go It Alone?

Full Self Publishing can be quite daunting. Even though we have much lower printing costs today, there are still many hazards between your manuscript and the finished article sitting on the shelf in Barnes and Nobles.

Do you have the necessary technical knowledge to set up the files for printing? Your work may look lovely in a Word Document but that doesn’t always transpose well into the format necessary for a printer. Difficulties in this translation process can make the finished book look a mess. The costs involved in the ‘Set Up’ process often far outweigh those of the actual print run. Get this bit wrong and you can lose huge amounts of your investment.

How about cover design? Creating great prose is a rare talent but artwork is different skill set completely. What covers sell books and what covers turn potential readers away? The old maxim of ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ may be in part accurate but a huge proportion of books are either sold or left unsold purely on the look of the cover alone.

Before you can market your book you will need to obtain an ISBN number and secure listings on Gardners and Ingrams wholesalers. However, Gardners and Ingrams will not usually list self published books which makes getting your book into the book chains almost impossible.  Publishing through us ensures you will go onto all the lists necessary and can even have an enhanced listing if you wish.

In addition you will need to build a website and then promote your book. This is where sales and marketing skills are needed. You may be surprised to learn that in most cases it is how a book is marketed and sold that means success or failure and not the content. There are thousands of badly written books selling in their millions just because of great marketing. Similarly, there are thousands of great literary works languishing in the ‘Returns’ pile simply because they were badly marketed. How do you separate your novel from the tsunami of books published each year?

Self publishing gives you maximum control over your work and highest profit retention if it sells well. However it also gives the biggest workload and learning curve as well as the greatest financial risk.
Today in the business world it is now common practise to contract out those sections of a business which are either too expensive or too time consuming to develop in-house. Many big companies contract out things like staff catering, call centres and building maintenance rather than employ their own people simply because it is cheaper and more efficient.

As an author, you may also consider that contracting out some elements of the process of bringing your book to the market is a sensible alternative to going solo.

If this is the case than Partnership Publishing is probably the route for you.