The Amazon Enigma

The Importance Of Working Positively With Amazon

Amazon’s recent and widely reported dispute with Macmillan Publishers highlights once again the desperate state of an industry stubbornly clinging to archaic methods of retailing books.

The Net Book Price system which was effectively a price controlled cartel  stood for seventy years until a High Court ruling declared it illegal, paving the way for discount bookshops, supermarket stands and of course, Amazon. But to look at the wrangling currently taking place in the market, especially the area of e-books, one could be forgiven for thinking nothing much had changed.

Publishers still try to dictate retail prices in order to cling on to their diminishing profits. Restrictive practises are reducing market exposure to writers and all the while the author still has no say and is carried along like a twig in a raging river.

Amazon is now a huge force in the book world but no doubt there will be others looking to move in to capture their share of the massive market for literature. This is both good and bad for authors. For the author who has a publisher who still tries to dictate prices and distribution rights then they will see their sales being squeezed.

The big supermarkets now dictate how our food is grown. You may approve or disapprove but the only winners are those farmers that embrace the new world. The same is happening in publishing.
Amazon is making it easier for a new writer to bring their work to the marketplace, however it is much harder for that work to be noticed. Amazon lists over 10 million separate products!

For any author to succeed there needs to be a positive and proactive approach to Amazon. It is not acceptable to bury one’s head in the sand and hope they’ll go away. Amazon are here to stay and if handled correctly and skilfully they will boost your sales significantly, but ignore them and your work will sink without trace under the enormous weight of a million other books.

Traditional publishers now expect the author to be their own publicist and marketer, this means it is up to them to deal with the likes of Amazon and make sure they get the best exposure possible.

Great if they have the skills but what if they don’t?

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