The Age Of The Ebook

The age of the e-book reader is truly with us.

After many false starts, the e-book is finally securing its place in our homes. Amazon’s Kindle continues to lead the way with the massive support from its own supply of books and now its links with Waterstones. The Sony reader, the IPad, Kobo, Nook and Android are all expanding rapidly. In fact Amazon recently announced its sales of Kindle books have outstripped demand for hardback books.

The e-book is now the medium of choice for many people. It’s more portable and versatile and cuts down hugely on luggage space whilst travelling!

The e-book is also widely accepted amongst those who read large numbers of books, making the market more and more attractive to authors. Many authors have now given up trying to secure publishing contracts through the traditional publishers and are writing solely for electronic distribution. This is understandable, albeit somewhat parochial, as any good marketing plan should embrace as many channels as possible.

As an author you can no longer ignore the e-book revolution. While traditional publishers fight and argue over territorial rights and price fixing issues the market will belong to the forward thinking. Those who are prepared to embrace this new opportunity and not run screaming home to bolt the doors.

With many publishers refusing to issue their books in this format and when they do, hiking the prices to extraordinary levels, the market is wide open for the new writer. The e-book represents a fantastic opportunity for new authors, providing of course they can overcome the obstacles such as controlled distribution and receiving payment for their work.

As part of our standard package we offer a full e-book solution.