How To Submit Your Work To Us

In the first instance please send us a synopsis of the work you are proposing and the first three chapters. Please ensure these are in a Word document or RTF file as attachments to the email or via the form below.

 Also please try to ensure your submission is free of spelling and grammatical problems. Mirador Publishing reviews every manuscript we receive and assess for quality as well as marketability.

We will acknowledge receipt as soon as possible but do not promise to say yes to your work. We will also make suggestions if we feel with a little more work your book would stand a better chance in a very competitive market. This is an investment in yourself and your work, so we want to work with you to ensure it is given the very best opportunity.

Here at Mirador Publishing you will be working with published authors and people who have over thirty years of experience in sales and marketing. We believe that a balanced approach to your work is vital. Not only does the manuscript have to stand on its own two feet, but it also needs the right kind of supportive push out into the world.

Our editorial team includes published authors, marketing and sales professionals with over thirty years experience at the highest level, a retired manager from one of the country’s biggest bookshop chains and our book doctor/editor, whose eagle eyes catch errors we would never find alone.

With our vast marketing experience we can help you make certain you have done your very best for your book. It is a scary and hard thing to learn to do, selling yourself, but we have experts on hand who will guide and advise you, helping every step of way. Selling is a learned skill, and we at Mirador Publishing know we can sell rain to the Welsh and nuts to squirrels!

To submit your work to us please use the uploader below or alternatively attach to an email and send to:

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