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London 500WYBMF 500Du Lac 500
The Road to London

Booker Prize Nominated

This is a novel of extraordinary beauty and delicate prose.
A light... A birth... A journey...
An escape--not just from the whispering noise of expectations but from the growing awareness of a different life, a different path, a different quest.

The greatest love letters are written in prose but bring forth the poet's heart, awakening in the receiver an equal passion--or so the writer hopes

Will You be my Fantasy?

Star of a recent Channel Four television programme, real-life phone sex chatline girl, Jenny Ainslie-Turner, is taking the world of erotic fiction by storm with her new thriller. This eye-opening novel is already looking set to rival the Fifty Shades series. Jenny recently gave away the secrets of the phone sex business in front of millions of viewers and uses her intimate knowledge of the darker side of the sex industry to great effect in this novel.

The Du Lac Legacy- Sons of Camelot Series

Finalist in the Bisexual Book Awards

The hugely successful and controversial Arthurian series continues. The original series, The Knights of Camelot created a tidal wave of outrage with its portrayal of gay and bisexual Knights of the Round Table.
This is the second book in the second series and is already making headlines.

Buses 500bBedside book for older cavers 500End of Time 500
The A - Z of On The Buses

The hit television sitcom On The Buses was a massive hit across the world and ran for seven seasons from 1969 to 1973. The success was in no small part due to the immense talents involved both on the screen and off. With its exceptional writers and a cast of household name actors, the series sprang from the screen to captivate audiences from that start and retains its magic to this day.

The Bedside Book for Older Cavers

Anyone who has passed the age of seventy needs to have a positive attitude to life in order to enjoy it. This book explains how 'older cavers' develop and maintain this attitude, as well as taking an active interest in their chosen sport. There is something here for everyone, not just the cavers and non-caving pensioners, but for the younger folk, who will, one day, hopefully, experience life as 'older folk'

The End Of Time

Tom and Sharon Savage have created a highly unusual novel based on a real murder which took place in the sleepy Iowa town of Muscatine over a hundred years ago. Meticulously researched, this book is already coming to the attention the world's media as it probes the mind of a deranged killer.

Slanted 500Runes 500Storm Shadow 500

Slanted is a tapestry of satire and drama, love and romance, crime and redemption, and unexpected success. It will make readers laugh out loud, and at times wipe tears from their eyes-tears not of sadness, but of joy. The story is woven around the humorous dialogue and slanted antics of Aunt Hattie, who is as hilarious as she can be verbally brutal-due to candor not malice. The voice of the novel is Aunt Hattie's niece, Sam.

Runes and Rainbows

Blending informative illustrations and charts, example readings and knowledge from the author's many years of practical experience, this book will guide the reader through Runes and Rainbows, an integrated system for insight and empowerment. There are four steps to the Runes and Rainbows process. This concise book gives clear instructions and examples.

Storm Shadow
Trained as a lethal killer, his luck ran out in the blast of an IED while on patrol in Helmand Province. With his shattered body healed but his Army career at an end, he returned to his home to start life afresh in the rural countryside of south west England. However, Dvon is not quite as sleepy as it may first appear and Kristian Blake soon finds himself once more dealing with a threat of extremist terrorism, this time much closer to home than the desserts of Afghanistan.
Twist of fate 500Bridge 500Street Cleaners 500
A Twist of Fate

A compelling story of unparalleled love, daring defiance and distressing revelations. 'A Twist of Fate' is a story of a close-knit farming community in West Sussex. The lives of the Grayson's and the wealthy Fitzwilliam's families', inexplicably intertwine, resulting in an unlikely friendship between teenagers, Hannah Grayson, a farmer's daughter, and Ralph Fitzwilliam, a wealthy landowner's son. However, the attraction is not without its' setbacks.

A Bridge to Cross

A highly praised autobiography that has been hitting the headlines around the world. The book is narrated by the author from notes written as a child and the style is quite unique.

This is the true story of one family's flight from the advancing Nazis and Russians as the closed on the small town of Heidelberg in 1944.

Street Cleaners

A widowed mother of two young teens, Elizabeth Kimble, is a detective in the good old boy Tampa Police Department. When she begins a follow-up investigation to a previous case she starts running into numerous, divergent and seemingly dead end leads, including the murder of several former street gang members.
A friend uncovers evidence that points to a large, on-going conspiracy which is frighteningly close to home.
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Crossover 500Forever England 500Matryoshka 500
The Crossover

A fantasy comedy for adults and a clear homage to the great, much missed, Terry Pratchett.
In the Royal Oak in Whimbury, something big is about to happen and it's going to upset Quiz Night. The worlds of the Fairies and the Humans are about to become intertwined forever, drawn together by a very special baby. But first the Fairies need to stop squabbling for a moment and Percy Grumplet has to be persuaded to part with his wool. Then all that's needed is for the landlord of the Royal Oak to unite with Spot the Poodle and the Goblin Inventors in time to outwit the Nixies who are busy trying to put the kybosh on the whole affair.

Forever England

A comedy novel by Mirador's very own David Luddington. As Head of Marketing, one might assume David would understand how to make a book successful and it shows. Forever England has topped the Amazon charts for comedy since the day the book was published two years ago and has just been released as an audio book.


The head of Manhattan’s Crime Analysis Team, Lieutenant Tony Sattill, finds himself assigned to the murder investigation at the Neighborhood Financial & Legal Services.
The case is personal, the wife of his best friend is one of the victims.
During the chaotic search for the murderer, which takes them from perfectly normal storefront to a rave, through a street gang and the death of a policewoman, they deal with a federal drug bust to find hope for the downtrodden.
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Systema 500
Systema - Russian Martial Art

The purpose of this book is to provide a guide for students and teachers, to enhance their training and teaching.
It provides 25 combat drills to improve your fundamental skill. Among other things you will learn: fluid movement, to be calm under pressure, a natural and spontaneous response, fast recovery and how to be dynamic and effective in defence and attack. This book will be useful grappling, striking, weapons based, competition or reality based Martial Arts.