How Do We Work

Firstly we are highly selective about what we publish and which authors we will support. If we do not believe your book has a good chance being successful we will not offer you a contract. The submission team at Mirador Publishing reviews each manuscript carefully.

For those authors with whom we feel we can work we offer a choice of options.

For the confident author, we offer our Free Simplicity Package through our sister company, Mirador Direct, where we will publish your book at no cost to you and give you full control over the way your book is typeset and produced right down to the cover design. We will take care of the ISBN, Kindle preparation and print copies of your paperback ready for distribution through all the major channels. Royalty payments will be made quarterly at a level competitive with most major traditional publishers.

But for the author who feels they would like a bit more help in the preparation, presentation and marketing of their book, we offer a selection of support packages from our Partnership Publishing Package right through to our most popular Book Booster Package which offers a full publicity add-on and our industry leading royalty levels.

We believe in being clear and transparent and about what we do and any contribution levels from you.

Whichever package you choose, we are ready to help financially and support you every step of the way. In return, you contribute part of the cost and commit to working as hard as we do to promote the success of your book.

 Details of our packages can be found here