Your Options In More Detail


Amazon Distribution

Your book will be available to order on Amazon’s websites as a Paperback. Please be aware that Amazon are a book store like any other, only much larger. They will ultimately make their own decisions as to which books they choose to hold in stock or whether they will just order as needed.


Wholesale Distribution

Your book will be distributed internationally by the largest wholesalers in the world. It will appear in all the major industry catalogues and bookshop databases. A wholesale distribution contract does not of course guarantee which bookshops will order copies. Each bookshop will make their own decisions as to which titles they take stock of and in what quantities.

ISBN Allocation

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is vital if you want bookshops or libraries to find your book. This is the ten or thirteen digit number which is translated into a barcode and used to identify your book. This number also records the Publisher and tells the bookshops where to buy your book. Data can then be gathered regarding sales figure so everybody will know when you hit the NYT Bestseller list!

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is the world’s leading ebook format and books are not only sold vial Amazon but also through bookstores like Waterstones. We will expertly format your book for the Kindle to ensure the readability rating is high therefore securing optimum positions in the search algorithms used by Amazon

Full Ebook Distribution

Ebooks are now becoming the main reading choice for most people and there is a plethora of different devices and platforms available. This bewildering variety of options may at first appear to be fantastic news for the author. However it also causes huge problems as each ebook for each different platform needs slightly different formatting. What looks great on the Kindle looks a real mess when seen on a Kobo. A beautifully formatted Sony Ebook can become almost unreadable on the Nook. We will prepare your manuscript for maximum readability across the most popular platforms, ensuring you the widest possible distribution.


Advanced Amazon Listing

Your Amazon listing will be optimised to be search engine friendly and tags placed to improve rankings within searches. Publisher’s and Author comments will be carefully written to raise the profile of your book. When an advanced listing is in place, Amazon tend to be more likely to hold stock of a title


Correctly typesetting a manuscript is a complex skill and if this is not done well it can lead to unexpected results in the printed book. Often word processing software introduces hidden formatting that can cause problems at the printers.  Also with the advent of ‘Look Inside’ features at online retailers, a badly typeset book can turn off potential purchasers.

Electronic Proof Copy

We will send you an electronic proof version of your book before the initial print run and distribution. This gives you the opportunity to check all is in order before giving the okay to print and distribute.

Media List

A list of nearly two hundred media contacts and email addresses for your own use. You may wish to send copies of your book to them for review or just email them a brief press release to draw attention to your book. The choice is yours.

Author’s Handbook

A compact and concise guide for the new author. It’s packed with information from dealing with copyright issues to designing covers and from publicity campaigns to getting the most out of Amazon. This ebook will become your invaluable partner on your road to becoming a successful author. Want to know how to boost your ratings on Amazon or how to write a dynamic Press Release? The answers are all here and ready for you to implement.

Rounds of Changes

When we have sent back to you an e-Proof copy it is not unusual to want to make a few alterations. Maybe you spotted a typo or two or perhaps a sentence needs updating in the light of some news event. Either way, having the ability to make a few changes at this late stage is certainly advantageous to a polished finished product.

Cover Design

A book cover needs to be iconic and if your name is not an icon then either your title or cover design needs to be so. Preferably both! The difference between designing a cover for a bookshop or for online sales is huge. In a bookshop the book is already in a potential purchaser’s hands before they look at it, whereas online you have to persuade them to click on a tiny thumbnail. A complicated and highly detailed cover is simply not going to show up as a thumbnail. This means your cover has two goals, firstly to encourage the click through from thumbnail and secondly to sell your book the instant the reader sees the larger image. This is the ‘Three Second Moment’.  If your book has not snagged the interest within three seconds then your potential reader moves on.  After all, there are another million books to peruse. We can create a cover designed to snag attention and encourage that all important ‘Click through’.

Proof Reading

Authors often become blind to the most glaring errors and typos due to something known as Author Expectation. You read a sentence in the way your mind constructed it at the time of gestation. This means it is extremely common to miss mistakes that are obvious to other readers as their minds are not providing the expected sentence and just reading what is actually written. A second pair of eyes is invaluable. We can provide two levels of proof reading. At the basic level we do a first scan at the time of typesetting. This tends to catch 95% of all typos and many of the most common grammatical problems.

However for a full check we will give your manuscript to one of our professional Proof Readers and whilst no Proof Reader will ever guarantee 100% error free, our readers do come very close!

Professional Copy Edit
.A good copy editor will generally examine each line in a book and check it for spelling, grammar and punctuation. They will also look at sentence structure to ensure flow and readability. Our copy editors will examine the structure of the book as a whole and ensure that internal logic is maintained, time-lines correct and character names don’t change halfway through a novel. Our copy editors may at times even rewrite sections of a book to improve the story or narrative flow. A good copy editor will usually charge many thousands of pounds for an average sized novel.

Review on Review Website

We will send a copy of your book to The Book Reviewer Website. As with the Review Panel, we cannot guarantee a favourable review but we do select which books we publish carefully so most receive good reviews. We also have a veto option if the review is less than flattering! They rotate the reviews on the site regularly but you could expect it to be up for a couple of months.


Newspaper Submission

We will send review copies of your book to the review sections of The Times Literary Supplement, The New York Times, The Guardian and two local papers of your choice (we will need you to supply us with the details of these). Whilst we cannot guarantee they will review the book or what they will say, one should never miss an opportunity to present oneself to the movers and shakers in the literary world.


Press Release

A full Press Release which will go out WORLDWIDE to news agencies, blogs, newspapers, search engines, Twitter and Facebook, everywhere. We will even help you write it. This is something you can also actively support with your own on-line presence and of course, as it never dies, it should remain on the web acting as a long term advertisement for your profile as an author. You will always be able to reference it in your on-going marketing and presentations to book fairs, book shops and all other venues.


Author Website

An Author Website is an important foundation upon which to build your web presence. The site is designed to be clean and easy to navigate encouraging your readers to engage with you. You will supply us with some biographical details and photographs and we will do the rest. Take a look at one of our sites here.

Author Copies

We supply with an initial quantity of your book free of charge and delivered free to a mainland U.K,  Australian or U.S. address. We can ship to other parts of the world but some areas might incur an extra carriage charge.


Royalty Levels

Your royalty level is based on the package you select. Royalties are paid quarterly on net received sales totals. In line with standard industry practice, royalties are paid on ‘Net Received’. This is the amount received by the publisher after the retail discount is given. This is because no publisher has any control or knowledge of the final price at which a book is sold to the end reader, only the price at which it leaves our warehouse. Books these days are often subject to ‘Two for One’ offers or Loss Leader sales in Supermarkets.